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COSMOS-SENS is a special part of the general-purpose resource COSMOS intended for the analysis of sensitive data. The system uses the same hardware and software environment as the general purpose resource COSMOS, without an internet connection as well as special requirements for accessing the system. COSMOS-SENS is not available yet. Proposals will be handled through SUPR, similarly to the general-purpose part of COMSOS,  but will require a special user agreement.

COSMOS-SENS consists out of 32 compute nodes funded by Lund university.  Each node has two Intel AMD 7413 processors (Milan), offering 48 compute cores per node.  The nodes have 256 GB ram installed.

System information

Queueing systemSLURM
Home space


NFS mounted, available on all nodes

Optional project storage


3 PB IBM SpectrumScale Filesystem


Linux distributionRocky Linux 9 x86_64 (RHEL9 compatible)
Softwareorganised in a hierachical module system

Node Information

CPU2 x AMD 7413 (2.65 Ghz, 2 x 24-core)
Memory256 GB (5.3 GB/core)
Local disk2 TB, temporary directory given by $SNIC_TMP or $TMPDIR

HDR InfiniBand (100 Gbit Node / 200 Gbit switches)
25 Gbit Ethernet / Node with 100 Gbit uplinks to core switches

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