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How to request membership in a project

A PI (or proxy) can add members to a project and, thus, grant access to the resources allocated to the PI, by managing the project in SUPR, but a person can also request membership. The request will be sent to the PI (and proxy) and the PI (or proxy) can then simply accept or deny the request.


All projects and users are handled through the Swedish User and Project Repository (SUPR), SUPR offers a number of ways to login. For employees at Lund University, the most convenient is "Login using SWAMID", which simply means using the Lucat-ID.

If it is the first login, an account should be created in SUPR and the user agreement should be accepted.

This will open a page with information on membership in past and present projects, but, more importantly, also a search field for membership requests.

Projects can be found using different search terms, but the name of the PI is probably the easiest, because that should normally be known.

Check the details of the search result and pick the relevant project.

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