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How to get access

The basic requirement to use the resources is membership in a compute project. This is handled through the Swedish User and Project Repository (SUPR), The different steps are:

SUPR offers a number of ways to login. For employees at Lund University, the most convenient is "Login using SWAMID", which simply means using the Lucat-ID.

Once inside SUPR, please complete the personal information.

LUNARC employs the user agreement of the National Academic Infrastructure for Supecomputing in Sweden (NAISS), which can be signed in SUPR using SWAMID (Lucat-ID).

For the users of resources for sensitive data, L-SENS and COSMOS-SENS, there is an additional mandatory user agreement that has to be accepted, which is provided by LUNARC.

If there is no compute project, one obviously has to be created and the general idea is that a project should cover a group and any person should not be a member of more than one project. For a normal (medium-sized) project, the PI must be a senior person, which in academia means at least associate senior lecturer (assistant professor). PhD students and postdocs may apply for a project of type small.

Members of a project can be added by the PI (or a designated proxy) in the proposal as well as after the proposal has been accepted. It is also possible to request membership in an existing project and then the PI just has to accept (or deny) the request.

More information can be found on the pages "How to apply for a project" and "How to request membership in a project".

When a project proposal or a membership request has been submitted, SUPR will offer the possibility to apply for a LUNARC account, if the project contains a LUNARC resource. However, the account request will not be sent to LUNARC until the user agreement has been signed and the project/membership has been accepted.

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