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The vision for LUNARC is to be a natural hub for e-science and e-infrastructure at LU providing powerful and easy-to-use resources for computation, visualization and storage.

LUNARC has 3 main focus areas:

  • Scientific exploration using computational tools such as computer simulation and machine learning (AI/ML).
  • Create an understanding of data through visualization.
  • High-performance storage resources supporting data analysis and computation.

The foundation for these focus areas are:

  • Expertise – System and application experts supporting the researchers in all areas.
  • Training – Offer researchers training, so that they can utilize LUNARC's resources in efficient ways.
  • Hardware – Provide state-of-the-art hardware enabling new research.

LUNARC also collaborates with MAX IV, InfraVis as well as the upcoming new national infrastructure NAISS.

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