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What is LUNARC?

LUNARC is the centre for scientific and technical computing at Lund University.

The centre provides resources for computation, visualisation, and storage for research at Lund University within all aspects of computational science.

What is High-Performance Computing (HPC)?

High-performance computing means using computational resources providing capabilities that are not available in standard off-the-shelf computers such as laptops or workstations. Typical capabilities can be to enable running parallel jobs over multiple servers and thousands of cores. It can also be to provide a single large memory space to be able to do data analysis of large data sets. Another area is to enable visualisation of large data sets that can't be stored on the local computer.

What can I expect from LUNARC?

LUNARC offers a Linux-based high-performance computing (HPC) environment, which can be reached either via terminal access or through a remote desktop environment, LUNARC HPC Desktop.

The HPC environment contains a large set of pre-installed scientific software packages and missing packages may be added on request.

The desktop environment is an entry point to LUNARC resources that provides you with your own personalised desktop with easy access to interactive applications, such as MATLAB, Python, and R. Several visualisation packages are also available in this enviroment. Several tools for debugging programs are also available.

If you have any problems LUNARC also provides user support through a ticketing system as well as providing direct support over phone or via meetings.

Current internal projects, cooperations and memberships

LUNARC is engaged in many collaborations some are described below:


LUNARC also collaborates with the many organisations/institutions some are given below:

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