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LUNARC Windows Desktop On-Demand

The new LUNARC Windows Desktop On-Demand allows executing Windows applications and deploying Windows environments in a high performance computing setup including GPUs, multi-core CPUs and fast parallel data storage.  The new desktop system accesses the same data storage system as our HPC cluster, opening new avenues when it comes to data processing.

The benefits of using LUNARC Windows Desktop On-Demand are:

  • Execution of Windows applications and environments in a HPC setup
  • Optimised resources for interactive applications using hardware accelerated graphics for visualisation and GPU accelerated computations.
  • Dedicated private CPU and memory resources. No resource sharing with other users during the allocated time slot.
  • Access to fast parallel data storage system.
  • Simple to use!

To discuss your application needs and how to gain access, contact LUNARC support.

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