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L-SHIP - A background file transfer service

A common bottleneck in data management is the time required to spend at the modality transferring data to the location where data is to be analysed. This prevents other users to access the modality, limiting the total availabilty.

To solve this problem, a parallel and autonomous data transfer system has been developed, L-SHIP, with purpose to off-load captured image data from the support computer to LUNARC’s supercomputers and free up the, often expensive, modality for new users and data acquisitions. Analysis and post-processing takes place using LUNARC’s high efficient and secure remote visualization framework from any location.

By introducing this solution not only the modality is freed up instantly after data acquisition in order to maximize the ROI (Return of Investment) but also allowing a flexible and high performing remote imaging solution.

For more information on how this service can be implemented in an research infrastructure, please contact Anders Follin (

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