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Apply for a project

How to Apply for a Project

Membership in a project of type small, medium, or large is a requirement for using the SNIC resources at Lunarc.

The applicant for a medium or large SNIC project must be a senior scientist in Swedish academia, at least at the level of assistant professor (forskarassistent). For a small project, the PI must also be employed at a Swedish university for the duration of the project,  but PhD students and post-docs may apply. When a project is granted, the applicant becomes the PI of the project and the people named in the application (including the PI) will become members. The PI can add and subtract members later. Users can also request membership through the application system SUPR, A project membership should be in place before any new user registers for a lunarc account.

As of 2014, all types of projects, including small (maximum 5000 coreh/month) should be handled through SUPR. For more information, see the SNIC web page

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