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Access to Lunarc Resources

  • Access to Lunarc resources are governed by allocations, i.e., access to a specific resource requires membership in a small, medium, or large project that has been granted time on that resource. Furthermore, all users should be registered in SUPR,
  • The applicant for a medium or large SNIC project must be a senior scientist in Swedish academia, at least at the level of assistant professor (forskarassistent). For a small project, the PI must also be employed at a Swedish university for the duration of the project,  but PhD students and post-docs may apply.  All types of projects, including small (maximum 5000 coreh/month) should be handled through SUPR. For more information, see the SNIC web page:
  • A person becomes a member of a project, either by being named in the application for the project or by being added later by the PI. It is also possible to request membership through SUPR.
  • Another necessary condition to obtain a Lunarc account is that the SNIC User Agreement has been accepted through SUPR. Students and employees at Swedish universities can sign the user agreement online using their federated identity, while others have to sign a printed version. The account is the same for all Lunarc resources.
  • It is possible to apply for a Lunarc account as soon as membership has been requested in a project with an allocation at Lunarc, but the account request will not be processed until the project membership is approved and the acceptance of the user agreement is confirmed, which can be seen under the personal information of the SUPR account.
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