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SNIC Storage projects

SNIC will from now on treat storage as a resource similar to computational resources, which means that larger amounts of storage need to be requested through SUPR as separate storage projects in addition to compute projects. This will also affect how storage is organised at LUNARC,

Each user will have a /home directory with a larger quota than before. In this directory the following will apply:

  • The maximum storage of this /home directory will be 100 GB
  •  The /home directory will be backed up.
  • The data in the /home directory will be managed by each user individually.

For storage projects there are three kinds of project sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE. As with the compute projects, the small and medium projects can be applied for at any time during the year, whereas the large projects will have a call for proposals twice a year.

The PI of a storage project will be able to add co-investigators the same way as for compute projects. The PI will be managing the data stored within the project and will be the person responsible for the data.

At LUNARC, the sizes of the allocations of the three levels will be:

  • SMALL up to 5TB
  • MEDIUM from 5 TB to 40 TB
  • LARGE more than 40 TB

For most users there will not be any need to apply for a storage project. The size of the /home directory is such that most users will be able to fit their data there and the quality of the file system allows users to use /home directory for their computations. Thus, the recommendation to use /lunarc/nobackup/users for computational work is no longer valid.

The /lunarc/nobackup/users directory will be phased out. Users who have data there must move those data either to /home or apply for a storage project and move the data to the assigned project directory. Users are strongly encouraged to go through their data and remove data that are no longer needed before moving data to the new location.

The new limit of /home and the application process for the small and medium storage projects are active as of today. The /lunarc/nobackup/users storage will be available until 2020-02-28

We anticipate that the move of the data to the new locations will be taxing on the file system, so we encourage our users not to wait until the last weeks of February to move their data.

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