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SNIC User Forum 2016

The Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) welcomes all users of SNIC infrastructure to attend the SNIC User Forum meeting of 2016. The meeting will take place in Lund on October 24–25 from lunch to lunch, and registration for the event is open for all users and staff of SNIC resources.

On October 25, as input to the application to RFI/VR for continued funding of SNIC from 2018, there will be a discussion about the future needs of large scale computing and storage resources in Sweden.

Who should take part

  • Users of SNIC resources
  • Users at any of the SNIC centra: HPC2N, UPPMAX, PDC, NSC, C3SE, LUNARC
  • Center staff

Why should you take part

  • To form the future national infrastructure for large-scale computing and storage
  • To provide input to RFI/VR about the future needs of large scale computing and storage

Important dates

  • Deadline for free accommodation: September 23 (CLOSED)
  • User survey closes: October 5 (CLOSED)
  • Registration deadline: October 10 (CLOSED)

Practical information


The meeting venue, Palaestra, is conveniently situated near the University main building. It can easily be reached on foot from the train station as well as from any of the hotels.


Palaestra et Odeum, Paradisgatan 4 (ingång mot Universitetsplatsen)


Dinner 19.00 will be in AF Borgen - Lilla Salen

General contact

Getting to the venue

The venue is situated next to the main university building. The easiest way from Lund C is to walk. The following map shows the venue, hotels and directions.



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Place: Palaestra in Lund
: October 24–25, 2016 (lunch-to-lunch)
Host: Lunarc, Lund University


Registration information

Register for the event using the link below:

Registration is closed

For last minute registrations please contact