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LUNARC HPC Desktop On-Demand

LUNARC HPC Desktop On-Demand is a service complementing the HPC Desktop service with the ability to request dedicated resources for interactive applications and visualisation.

The benefits of using LUNARC HPC Desktop On-Demand are:

  • Optimised resources for interactive applications using hardware accelerated graphics for visualisation and GPU accelerated computations.
  • Dedicated private CPU and memory resources. No resource sharing with other users during the allocated time slot.
  • Simple to use! The LUNARC HPC On-Demand is available in the standard LUNARC Application menu. Please observer that the On-Demand menu is enabled first upon a granted LVIS project.

Access to the service is through SUPR ( from the LVIS 2019 round.  The LVIS 2019 round is located inside the centre local compute rounds.  When you have an approved proposal, the LUNARC HPC On-Demand menu appears in your desktop menu.

Apply here: LVIS 2019 proposal creation page

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