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LUBI-LSGA will provide an extended service for bioinformatics. For that purpose we will have dedicated software installed. For a list of current installations at Lunarc see Bioinformatics software.

There will also be dedicated hardware that have more RAM and larger disks than what is provided by the standard accounts at Lunarc. We are going to purchase dedicated blades for this purpose.

For research groups having extensive needs there is an option to buy their own blades for their use only, or be shared by others when there are free computing cycles available. Lunarc has an agreement with the suppliers, thereby having good prices that any group can take benefit of. The maintenance of these blades will be taken care of by the LUBI application expert and Lunarc staff.

L-SENS is a secure system within Lunarc where GDPR-compliant data management and analysis will be performed. A flexible system for sharing resources is currently under construction.

Additional bioinformatics services are available at national level from the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS). LUBI-LSGA is a complementary and dedicated service at Lund University. NBIS has four bioinformaticians at Lund University.