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LUNARC service window

A service window for LUNARC’s Aurora system is scheduled for the 1st till 5th of April 2019 to facilitate important maintenance and upgrade work on the system.  The service window will start at 8:30 on the 1st of April.  The service window is currently scheduled until including the 5th of April.

During the service window, LUNARC will migrate the centre storage system to new hardware.  The new storage system will offer 3 PB of storage, which is over 4 times what is currently available.  There will be a 3 times increase in bandwidth to the new system over the current solution.  Users should see a substantial increase in performance when reading or writing large amounts of data.  The new storage system allows us to increase the amount of backed up home space per user from 10 GB to 20 GB.  

It is expected that SNIC storage projects to become available at some point this year.  These new kind of projects will allow user groups to apply for large storage allocations required for their research projects.  The new centre storage hardware is crucial for the implementation of these storage projects.

The service window is also required for significant upgrade work to the user data base.  There will be a migration to a more modern and more reliable system that makes it easier for us to administer our users.  The effect of this work will be behind the scenes, user should not notice any change due to this important upgrade.

The job queues will be stopped for the duration of the service window, login to the Aurora front-end nodes will be disabled and the HPC desktop will be unavailable.  Prior to the service window, jobs, which can not be guaranteed to finish beforehand, will be held in queue and will start executing once the system returns to service.

Users are requested to schedule their work accordingly.  For urgent work prior to the service window, an adjustment of the time request in the submission scripts is needed, such that the jobs would not interfere with the service window.

Please contact LUNARC support in case of questions.