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Training events in parallel computing for Matlab, Fortran, C and C++ users at Lunarc


Lunarc is offering a training in parallel computing.  There will be a seminar on the Matlab Distributed Computing Server (MDCS) on the 10th of April.  On 29-30 May there will be a two day course on shared memory programming with OpenMP, for Fortran, C and C++ programmers.  All current and prospective users of Lunarc and SNIC are welcome to register.

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02 October

Transferring data to and from an HPC system

From: 2018-10-02 12:30 To: 14:00 Type: Föreläsning


09 October

Cluster architecture and job submission

From: 2018-10-09 12:30 To: 14:00 Type: Föreläsning


23 October

Hierarchical modules and software selection

From: 2018-10-23 12:30 To: 14:00 Type: Föreläsning