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LUNARC is restarting its seminar program with a lunch time training seminar "An introduction to UNIX/LINUX" on 12 September at 12:30.  See the training page for more information.[more]


To offer users an improved experience when interacting with its services, LUNARC is going to frequently reboot the login nodes of its services.  Every Monday at 8:30 in the morning the login nodes will be rebooted, if...[more]


During the summer period, LUNARC has limited staff available.  User should expect a slower than usual response to their issues.  This includes support requests, problem reports, requests for software installations,...[more]


The SNIC training team would appreciate your input regarding training requirements in the in the R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.  Please participate in a short survey which...[more]


At the service stop in early April, LUNARC migrated to a new user data base.  Users who have not connected to Aurora since 5th April are requested to do so by 9th June to preserve their current passwords.  Users who do...[more]


The job scheduler is working again.[more]


Following this week's service window, LUNARC's Aurora system has been reopened to user service.  Users can connect and submit jobs to the batch system.  The compute nodes are active and processing jobs. Users...[more]


Data Management Plans will become important in future.  In the future they are expected to by required in proposals to many founding bodies and even some or all applications for SNIC resources will required Data Management...[more]


On 25 April LUNARC invited Maria Johnsson from the University Library for a lunchtime seminar: Making your research data fit for a future of open science and open data.  Please check our event page for full details and...[more]


MATLAB version 2018b is now available on the cluster.  Please review our MATLAB guide for instructions on how to use MATLAB in the HPC environment.[more]


On 7 March we offer a lunchtime seminar "Visualisation and interactivity in HPC", which will introduce the LUNARC HPC Desktop and HPC Desktop on demand.  For more information and registration please see our event...[more]


C3SE and LUNARC have teamed up to offer a two day training in message passing parallel programming.  The event, which is part of the SNIC coordinated training, will be hosted by C3SE in Gothenburg on 21 & 22...[more]


When more memory than the default memory per core is requested, more resources are blocked for other users than the core count. Recently there has been a large increase in jobs that use extra memory and a number of groups getting...[more]


Following Monday's power outage and the service stop, LUNARC's HPC desktop on demand is again available to users.  Please report any issues you encounter to LUNARC support. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the...[more]


Following Monday's loss of electric power to our computer room and the shift of the service stop LUNARC services have reopened to users earlier this morning.  Users can login to the service.  The job queues are active,...[more]


To offer users an improved experience when interacting with its services, LUNARC is going to regularly reboot all login nodes.  Reboots are scheduled for 8:30 in the morning on the first Monday of each month.  The...[more]


Researchers are getting more and more demands on sharing their data.  Demands are coming from funders, publishers, authorities, other researchers etc.  How to share data?  The seminar on 13 November, held in...[more]


SeSE is offering a course "Introduction to Scientific Computing II" from 29 October till 2 November.  The event is aimed at PhD students and will be held in Lund.[more]


LUNARC is offering training in parallel computing with MPI to the SNIC community.  Consult the event page for more information and the training page for all training offered at LUNARC.[more]


LUNARC is restarting its lunch time seminars.  LUNARC's lunch time seminars discuss a single topic, relevant to the efficient utilisation of services provided by LUNARC and with SNIC. Currently four seminars have been...[more]

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