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Alarik is a SouthPole solution with 208 nodes containing two 64-bit, 8-core AMD6220 (3.0 GHz), corresponding to a total of 3328 processors. The system interconnect is combined GigaBit/Infiniband network.

System information

Queue system SLURM
Scheduling policy Fairshare
Global filesystem /lunarc/nobackup
640 TB DDN EXAScaler Lustre filesystem.
Home /home
NFS mounted, available on all nodes.
Compilers GNU, Intel, PGI, Open64
Software Module-based software handling

Node information

CPU 2 AMD6220 (3.0 Ghz, 8-core)
Memory 32-64 Gb (2-4 GB/core)
Linux distribution CentOS 6.2 x86_64 (RHEL6 compatible)
Local disk 250 Gb, temporary directory given by $SNIC_TMP or $TMPDIR
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